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Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin BTC, Stratis STRAT, Monero XMR explained

Bitcoin is all the rage. Everyone knows Bitcoin by now, or at least has heard of it.

Bitcoin’s exchange rate is currently around $2,578 (USD) as of June 5th, 2017, and I personally think that the exchange will end up at over 20,000 Dollars or Euros per Bitcoin.

Therefore, it’s worth it to keep investing in Bitcoins — but, you have to have a considerable amount of money lying around in order to invest.   Read More


My favorite quotes

I like wise quotes. No, I even love smart and good excerpts!

Essentially, I love quotations with depth, knowledge or motivation. So I sat down and choose my favorite quotes  from around 400 quotes that I collected over the years .

They remember, inspire and strengthen me. They give you wisdom and far-sightedness. Good quotes even have a postive impact on all human beings, Read More