A wonderful summer

It´s been 5 month since my last post. Oh my gosh, what did I do all this time.

Well, I had the summer of my life. I played as “Aussteiger ” on some amazing music festivals like the Feel Festival and Art Lake Festival. That was so much fun and the audience went crazy and loved it.

The Bitcoin raised from 2500 Dollar to 8300 Dollar, wow, thats insane!

I was together with a wonderful woman, who I loved so much. Unfortuanetly she broke up with me because she did not succeed in Berlin.

In Berlin only the strongest survive. So she did not like Berlin and moved to South-Germany.

I was the happiest man in the world. Then I was dragged to the ground, my heart ripped apart. I am still in recovering mode. I need to clear my head, forget and digest everything.

I did not had the attention to fall in love. The pain afterwards is too huge.

I can feel this pain deep inside. The pain that rips my heart appart. The pain which makes everything senseless. I only hope time heals all wounds. Pain is only temporary.

As I am a human being with a positiv attitude, I think to myself:


The reason for the seperation I will hopefully realize later in my life. Right now it only has one good reason:

I do sports and sauna almost every evening at holmes place. Everytime I try another new course, that I never did before.

Last week I went to cycling. 60 Minutes on this cool bike with nice various music at Holmes Place.

That was super amazing, My T-shirt was soaking wet and I felt super good after it.

The other day I was jumping at the trampoline.  That was really cool too.  Next week I will try some Bodypump or Vinyasa Yoga, I dont know yet.

Winter is hard and cold in Berlin. At 16.30 it is already dark and the icy wind hits me in the face.

This post is just for me. I write down my thoughts as I feel better now. I let it out. I turn tragedy into success.

I keep saying to myself:

“I’m fine, I’m happy. Right here and right now! I have everything I need, I’m awesome, I’m fresh.”

I have created some new strictly limited great t-shirts. Since they are so limited, only 3-5 in number, they are also quite expensive.

You can have a look about these shits here:  Ufo Folk Shirts

Quality has its price!

I was even contacted by a fashion blogger girk from Paris. Unfortunately, I did not have the muse and desire to answer her.


Everything happens at its right time.

I am grateful for my friends. I really have some good friends. They call me and write me. Right now, most times I dont want to see anybody. I need time for me own.

I am happy that I have a great work at Sellics. It gives me stability. I need to go there 3 times a week and put on these days my whole energy in it

I am happy that I live in a cool Shared Flat. With two nice guys and I even have to nice rooms.

I am grateful for looking handsome. I am health, strong and fresh.

I am grateful for  my super nice family. I don´t see them so often. But I talk to my mom, my brothers and sisters alot on the phone and writing alot on whatsapp.

I am grateful for my music.

I will release a dope ass slowmo downbeat chill rave keta house album called “Zusammenkunft” under my artist name Aussteiger on this lovely Label called Music for Dreams in 2018..

All in all I am very thankful for everyhting. Keep your head up high, Martin.

I am happy about my experience, that I went through. Based on the motto:

“Do not cry because it is over, smile because it was so amazing.”

But I firmly believe, that my next summer will get even better.

That´s life. God gives and God takes.


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