About me

My name is Martin Langer. I come from Lower Franconia (northern part of Bavaria) and I live in Berlin since August 2008. I am a harmonic and peaceful person and always try to be positive. That means I try to stay away from all negativity and pessimistic people. Surrounding myself with lovely and caring people.

I am alot, sportman, cook, freelancer, designer, life enjoyer, nature-outside-chiller,  striving for knowledge,  sunbather, loving lover,  feeling water tho a swimmer, saunataker, tech-nerd and brother, sucessful businessman.

However, my biggest passion is Music. I am a passionate musician, DJ and producer. Playing records since 2003 and I still have a lot of fun digging, buying and playing  records in my dj sets. Under the alias Martin Lewis I released some nice warm sounding house records on several labels.

in 2014 I  decided to produce and dj under the German pseudonym AUSSTEIGER. The name originated when I was living withdrawn in the woods for 2 years, isolated from civilisation to focus on producing and making music. As Aussteiger Beats are melodic, soulful and between 85 and 125 BPM (= beats per minuteMartin Lewis produces and plays more 4-To-The-Floor oriented between 110 and up to 136 BPM.

Furthermore I run a small record label since 2008 called Profound on which I release music digitally that is created by my friends and music buddies. Sometimes I create a remix for some songs.

Since January 2016 I also founded a dope ass vinyl Label called Dub Disco with my mate Maximillian aka Serj Nosé. We already made some nice t-shirts and meanwhile we are at record #5.  DuDi005.    (Stand: December 2018)
The first record on 180g heavy vinyl was released in July 2016.

Of course I also like to travel the world and experience different cultures. I just came back from Cuba, where I spent 3 weeks travelling this amazing country. I will do a post about my cuba trip with some picutres soon.

I dont have a real goal with this blog here yet. I just want to write sometimes if I feel like, share thoughts and publish ideas.

I chose the name duboffice as dub stands for music (that I´m very passionate about) and office for the work on the computer in an office, in a cafe, at the beach or wherever. So I think it´s a good name to start with that displays my two passions (music & e-commerce).

I also found out that it makes me happy if I can help and support people in any way. Helping, teaching and supporting just makes me feel good.

Stay fresh & focused.

I put my passion and creativity in these projects:

Dub Disco


Secret Clientele

Ego is the Enemy

Feel free to check them out if you are into music or fashion. You will enjoy it, I promise <3


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