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Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin BTC, Stratis STRAT, Monero XMR explained

Bitcoin is all the rage. Everyone knows Bitcoin by now, or at least has heard of it.

Bitcoin’s exchange rate is currently around $2,578 (USD) as of June 5th, 2017, and I personally think that the exchange will end up at over 20,000 Dollars or Euros per Bitcoin.

Therefore, it’s worth it to keep investing in Bitcoins — but, you have to have a considerable amount of money lying around in order to invest.   

I was lucky. I had enough knowledge, faith in the internet and enough willingness to take on risk that I purchased a couple Bitcoins in 2013, when the price was already quite high at €400 per Bitcoin.

But, there are a few other very interesting cryptocurrencies (digital currencies) aside from Bitcoin that are gaining strength, and you can still start investing in them quite affordably.

There are over 100 digital currencies. I’ll show you 3 alternatives that are really on the rise and will be worth it to invest in.

Ethereum ETH:

Ethereum is still a relatively new currency that’s officially been around since August 2014. It was financed through crowd funding.

Because Ethereum can do more than Bitcoin in a technical sense, it’s become the second most important and favorite currency after Bitcoin.

Ethereum is a platform for digital applications and the currency is called Ether. On this platform, Dapps (Distributed Apps) can be developed for Smart Contracts.

These contracts may be used anywhere in the digital world, e.g. For e-voting systems, crowdfunding, virtual organizations, identity management, and wherever digital contracts are concerned.

Its exchange rate has exploded in the last months and is now around 246 USD (as of June 5th, 2017). This is primarily due to strong Chinese investment.

So, whoever has a bit of extra money lying around or a few thousand Euros in his bank account — which will actually lose more value than they’ll gain just sitting there — should definitely invest in Ethereum ETH. In Autumn 2017 the third phase of ETH will be implemented and then the exchange rate will skyrocket again.

In order to get an Ethereum wallet with a corresponding address to buy ETH, simply use this website:

Monero XMR:

Monero XMR is also interesting. The currency Monero is considered to be the best alternative in the Dark Web. One can still pay anonymously with Bitcoins, but all transactions are still publicly viewable in the blockchain.

With a Monero transaction, though, only the recipient and sender can see the payment. That means, trade and transactions with Monero are even more anonymous and secure. So, the exchange rate right now is around 45 USD per XMR (as of June 5th, 2017), with a tendency to continue increasing.

In order to generate a Monero address including wallet, the easiest way is to go to the following website:

Stratis STRAT:

The currency Stratis is the newcomer at the moment, and also the one achieving the most as a digital currency. Stratis has only been around since 2016.

Stratis can be thought of more like a platform for using applications and is additionally a digital currency. Like Ethereum, you can develop apps with Stratis and offer them independent of a platform — so that you don’t have to go through the Apple Store or Google Play Store. It’s already happened often enough, that a few apps have simply been deleted from the two stores just mentioned and the developers end up losing a lot of money, because developers of these apps are dependent upon the stores. This cannot happen with Stratis STRAT or Ethereum ETH.

If you want to develop apps and smartcontracts for Ethererum, you have to learn Ethereum own programming language called Solidity. Stratis has the advantage that the universal programming language C# can be used.

Stratis’ exchange rate has risen from $0.07 to $10.83 per coin in the last 3 months (as of June 5th, 2017).

Because Stratis is still quite affordably at the moment, it will really be worth it to invest here first. At least that’s my opinion.

You can download a Stratis wallet here under Staking Wallet → Get it here:

Conclusion on cryptocurrencies:

Even if you only invest 100 Dollars or Euros in a couple selected cryptocurrencies, you can be certain without a doubt, that these will have double or tripled — or even risen 10x – 20x in value — in a couple years. That’s not just my opinion, but that of many experts as well.

The growth of Ethereum and Bitcoin in the last few months and years is proof enough.

There are hundreds of digital currencies, and you should buy a few coins from 10-20 different cryptocurrencies just to be on the safe side.

Many internet experts are of course also sceptical, and think that this is all just another bubble right now, because there are many new digital currencies that have been created recently.

Some people I’ve been talking to also think that many of these digital currencies will disappear. Maybe that’ll also be a good thing.

However, that will only happen to the very small currencies, if at all.

I’m sure that the top 100 digital currencies will remain in existence and continue to grow without much impedance.

Whoever believes in the internet and is aware of how powerful the internet is should also at least believe in a few cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin BTC or Ethereum ETH for example.

A few more interesting cryptocurrencies are, in my opinion:

BitShares, Ripple, Litecoin, Steem, PIVX, Waves, DigiByte, Dash und ParkByte.

These can be researched in more depth if you’re interested, and of course if you have the time.


A good wallet where you can manage and store almost every cryptocurrency is JAXX.

This wallet is an app for iOS and Android. You can also use it as a plugin or extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

However, I would really love that Stratis STRAT and Monero XMR would be offered there, too. There’s definitely room for improvement here.

Buy digital currencies:

In order to procure and purchase digital currencies, I can recommend the website

Their customer support is world class, and the company is located in Amsterdam.

If you’d rather stock up on Bitcoin and park them on secure servers of a German company, then I can recommend the website

There, you can simply procure a couple Bitcoins and not have to deal with technical complications. For people who don’t have any idea about the internet and without any internet know-how, it’s not so easy to simply buy digital currencies or to manage them and keep them securely in a safe place.

That’s why is a good place for Bitcoins.

Another good alternative to Anycoindirect ist Changelly. There you can also buy and sell very easily your Bitcoins, Ether and 40 other crypto currencies like Monero, Litecoin, Dash, etc.

I hope you like this article and if you still have an insider tip, as far as digital crypto currencies are concerned, you can leave a comment.

I point out that the article reflects my personal opinion and I can not be held responsible for it. The trade in cryptic currencies still carries great risks if you does not know what to do.



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